• AuraAqua


The ‘new’ natural functional ingredient to support fish and shrimp health and performance.

Why AuraAqua?

The fish and shrimp intestine has many physiological functions that go beyond digestion of food and nutrient absorption. It is also an important immunological site with a key role in protecting the animal from pathogenic bacteria and parasites. Therefore, its integrity is essential to guarantee fish growth, health and welfare. The aquaculture environment can sometimes adversely disrupt gut health due to factors such as water quality, temperature, oxygen level, pollutants, feed quality and the presence of pathogenic bacteria and parasites. These problems are also often hard to predict but can all negatively impact gut health resulting in inflammatory enteritis, leaky gut, an imbalanced microbiome and impaired gut function.

The benefits

Scientific research demonstrated the AuraAqua, a proprietary blend of citrus based phytogenic ingredients can support fish and shrimp health and performance by maintaining gut health in the following ways:-

  • Maintains a health gut wall by supporting the reduction of inflammation, mitigating oxidative stress, and supporting epithelial tight junction integrity.
  • Promotes growth of beneficial microbiota and a healthy gut microbiome which increases the production of organic acids which hinder the growth of harmful bacteria and stimulate enzyme activity improving nutrient digestion.
  • Reinforces the natural immune response capabilities and digestive capabilities, reducing morbidity and increasing growth performance.
  • Reduces the ability of pathogenic bacteria and parasites to colonise and infect the intestinal tract.

AuraAqua provides lifecycle support to fish and shrimp to cope with the harsh aquaculture environment and increasing growth performance and profitability.