• AuraEquine


What is AuraEquine?

Specially formulated blend of citrus based phytogenic ingredients, to support overall health and wellbeing, by promoting gut health.

Leaky Gut in Horses

  • Leaky gut is a digestive issue that most commonly affects performance horses. It can increase the risk of colic and systemic inflammation.
  • It is said that 70% of the horse’s immune system resides in the gut. The horse’s gastrointestinal tract breaks down food and absorbs nutrients while blocking toxins and microbes from entering the body.
  • In horses affected by leaky gut, the contents of the gastrointestinal tract are not appropriately contained due to impaired intestinal barrier function.

The Solution

AuraEquine’s scientifically proven mechanisms of action will:

  1. Maintain a Healthy Gut Wall
  2. Support a Healthy Gut Microbiome
  3. Help to reduce inflammation
  4. Support anti-oxidative defence mechanisms
  5. Support good oral health

AuraEquine – The Benefits

Maintains a Healthy Gut Wall

Which means better nutrient absorption and protection against harmful toxins and bacteria.

Supports a beneficial Gut Microbiome

Increasing the production of short chain fatty acids which nourish the gut and aids normal function of the immune system

Helps to reduce inflammatory responses

Which supports and maintains overall gut integrity.

Supports the anti-oxidative defence system

Which helps to reduce oxidative stress 

Supports good oral health

Which means the general overall health of teeth and gums.

Claims supported by Scientific Research

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