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makes calf rearing easier, safer and more efficient

Phase 1

Scientifically imprint performance
for future productivity

Phase 2

Transform whole milk and milk
replacers from good to great

Phase 3

Maximise genetic potential
and watch them grow

Boosting the immunity and health status of your calves  is of crucial importance for your calf rearing programme. It determines the success of your cattle livestock and future milk yield performance.

A favourable gut microflora determines the success of future dairy milk yield performance for a dairy calf and goat kid, and also ensures sustainable and profitable livestock production.

Given that 50% of calf mortality occurs within the first six weeks of life, farmers should aim to double calf birth weight during the first 56 days of life, reducing calf mortality and morbidity at the same time.

AuraCalf helps achieve these goals by imprinting future dairy performance, thereby improving intestinal gut health and reducing the need for antibiotics in the dairy livestock . This allows farmers to maximise the genetic potential and future productivity of their cattle livestock. AuraCalf helps to boost the health and performance of calf youngstock, thereby contributing to easier cattle herd management and more financial gain.

AuraCalf - Auranta - Boosting the animal immune system

Phase 1

Scientifically imprint performance for future productivity

The first eight weeks of life is an important window of opportunity to increase future cattle performance. AuraCalf helps to reduce the “immunity gap” of your dairy youngstock from the first day of feeding.

Various scientific studies confirm the value of this imprinting strategy. Van Amburgh (2014) observed a direct link between healthy calf rearing and first lactation:

  • Up to 3 months earlier calving
  • 100 g extra weight brings 100 kg more milk yield
  • 500 kg extra milk when calves are reared free of antibiotics
  • Up to 7% extra return on capital

Scientific research shows that AuraCalf promotes calf weight gain, reduces calf mortality rates and reduces the need for medication and vet treatments during the youngstock rearing phase.

Phase 2

Transforms whole milk and milk replacers from good to great

During the initial phase, calves, lambs and goat kids depend on a liquid diet. Digestive enzymes utilise the valuable feed nutrients for their growth.

Using AuraCalf in young animal nutrition ensures a smooth transition from a liquid to a solid diet. At this stage, AuraCalf enables the calf to develop immunologically active compounds that improve the structure and functioning of a healthy digestive system.

Hence, AuraCalf creates a healthy gut microbiome. This supports a healthier and earlier development of the intestine and the rumen, for improved calf health and productivity.

Phase 3

Maximise genetic potential and watch them grow

AuraCalf improves the quality of young animal nutrition programmes by imprinting future performance. This helps young animal livestock get through critical phases in life.

AuraCalf strengthens the immune system of calves and animal livestock. This allows for maximum genetic potential during later stages in life. As a result, AuraCalf benefits animal health at all stages of production. A calf trial was recently conducted at a dairy farm. This farm had been selected for its excellent management practices and the superior health of its livestock. AuraCalf was provided in the milk replacer from the first day of feeding. As a result, calves showed a significant increase in average weight gain.

With AuraCalf, a good start is half the battle!

Relative total weight gain (%)
day 5 to 56 of age

Relative differences in daily weight gain (%)
day 5 to 56 of age

Source: Sima et al. (2019)

Make AuraCalf the new standard in young animal nutrition programmes!