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    Auranta - Boosting the animal immune system
Auranta - Boosting the animal immune system

Research & Development Platform

University College Dublin (UCD) and Auranta’s partnership with them was instrumental for the early success of the company. Auranta was a member of UCD’s incubator programme in NovaUCD.

Today, we have continued to grow our Research & Development network. We do this by forming strategic partnerships with various research institutes across the globe.

Our partners include:

  • Agriculture Food Bioscience Institute in Belfast – UK
  • Banat Veterinary Medicine – Romania
  • Cluj University – Romania
  • Edinburgh University – UK
  • London School of Tropical Medicine – UK
  • University College Cork – Ireland
  • University of Georgia – USA
  • University College Dublin – Ireland

We also have academic and commercial links with veterinarians in different parts of the world.

The scientific backbone of Auranta is a team of biotech pioneers, focused on the research and development of our animal feed ingredients:

  • Dr Patrick Ward – microbiologist & founder
  • Prof. Nicolae Corcionivoschi – bacteriologist & virologist
  • Dr Myriam Deshaies – biotechnologist & plant biologist

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