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    Auranta - Boosting the animal immune system
Auranta - Boosting the animal immune system

R&D Immunity Platform

University College Dublin and Auranta’s partnership was instrumental in the early success of the company. Auranta was a member of UCD’s incubator programme in NovaUCD, which provided our company with a fully equipped laboratory that was vital in the early stage development of our products.

Today, we have also formed strategic partnerships with various research institutes across the globe such as: Agriculture Food Bioscience Institute (AFBI) in Belfast, The London School of Tropical Medicine, Banat Veterinary Medicine, King Saul University (Saudi Arabia) and Edinburgh University. We also have academic and business links with veterinarians in different parts of the world.

The scientific backbone of Auranta is a team of biotech pioneers, focussing on the research and development of our animal feed ingredients.

  • Patrick Ward – microbiological researcher
  • Nicolae Corcionivoschi – bacteriologist & virologist
  • Tom Barragry – specialist veterinarian & pharmacologist

The team of pioneers produced multiple peer reviewed publications about the microbiological efficacy of the Auranta feed additive technology for among others E.coli, Cryptosporidium, Mycoplasma, Campylobacter and Listerioses.

Research is a vital and ongoing process for Auranta to demonstrate the positive impact of our feed ingredients on the immune system. We keep expanding our scientific foundation, in order to contribute and shape the future of agriculture.

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