• Auranta - Boosting the animal immune system


A favourable microflora determines your success for technical performance and profitability.

Phase 1

the microbiome

Phase 2

Maximize genetic potential
and watch them grow

Phase 3

Converts food safety
from good to great

“Already 1.000.000 birds are finished every
week with AuraShield as their new standard”

Phase 1

Program the microbiome

Gut microbes have a key-role to imprint immunity. AuraShield is a scientifically formulated Eubiotic, and safeguards good bugs from going bad. Why?

Scientific research shows that, AuraShield stimulates the favourable cells in the gastrointestinal tract. Hence, more mucus is secreted to seal the intestine, and pathogens have less chances to invade and attach to the intestine. AuraShield has proven to impact the motility of pathogenic bacteria, giving more space to the good bugs and a healthy microflora.

Phase 2

Maximize genetic potential and watch them grow

An optimum gut microbiome is essential for nutrition and development.

AuraShield safeguards a healthy balance of the microbiota in the gastrointestinal tract. Histological research confirms, that AuraShield helps to support gut integrity and enlarges the surface for nutrient absorption. With AuraShield, longer intestine villus is measured.

Boosting animal immunity and enhancing a healthy microbiota from the first day of life helps the animal to overcome stressful situations and achieve healthy performance. AuraShield should be applied to the animal from the first day of feeding. This enables animal livestock to maximize the genetic potential, resulting in better feed conversion and weight gain. Research with AuraShield shows that FCR improves significantly, even with levels up to 0.10 pt and feed conversion as low as 1.51 kg/kg.

Phase 3

Converts food safety from good to great

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major global concern, due to its impact on human health.

AuraShield is a natural feed ingredient, contributing to the global mission to reduce the need for antibiotics in farm animals. AuraShield is safe and may be used up to the last day at finishing stage. Animals receiving AuraShield as a standard show healthy looking organs, resulting in less rejections and a higher yield. Overall, AuraShield meets the demand of poultry and pig integrators, and also serves consumer demand for safe, sustainable, affordable and antibiotic free animal proteins.

Make AuraShield the new standard in your feeding programme!